MOJELIM Plastic Surgery that implemented hair transplant since 1997


Hair follicle unit hair transplant surgery currently being executed widely nowadays was originally defined and established by Professor Kim, Jeong Cheol of the Kyungpook University. Dr. Hwang, Jeong Wook, the Director of MOJELIM Plastic Surgery, not only executed joint researches and treatments related to hair transplant surgery with Professor Kim, Jeong Cheol as one of his students, but also has been applying the results of the researches and clinical works on his medical treatments.

Legitimacy of MOJELIM Plastic Surgery


Trichogene, the first hair venture company in Korea that Professor Kim, Jeong Cheol established, having researched and developed the fundamental surgical devices for hair transplant surgery and separation of hair follicles, is actively research and developing new future technologies including gene therapy, hair follicle culture and stem cell culture in order to completely cure hair loss.

Moreover, MOJELIM Plastic Surgery has established Hair Transplant Research Center to elevate the level of satisfaction of the patients on their hair transplant by adopting scientific technique for the entire processes of the surgical procedures and establishing independent hair transplant system through ceaseless researches.

Composition of doctors dedicated to each of the areas of hair transplant


MOJELIM Plastic Surgery implements the system of consultation and execution of surgical procedures through doctors dedicated to each of the areas. We are putting in continuous efforts until we achieve the satisfaction of our clients through more reliable and customized procedures through the system of doctors dedicate to each of the areas.


Medical staffs

at the Hair Transplant Center for Men


Medical staffs

at the Hairline Center for Women


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