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Aey Surgery provides full service of Korean Plastic Surgery, and we also have a connection with the top 11 surgery hospitals in Korea. We will do our best to take care of our customers for the most Satisfaction in Plastic Surgery. During the recovery time, we will take care out best to make all customers happy. We also provide useful information before and after surgery, and we hope you enjoyed your experience with our services.
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  • Aey Surgery ศัลยกรรมเกาหลี
  • Aey Surgery ศัลยกรรมเกาหลี
  • Aey Surgery ศัลยกรรมเกาหลี
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NANA Plastic Surgery, The Best Liposuction and Brest Surgery

NANA Plastic Surgery  research and Study the art of Plastic Surgery
We endlessly study and research about beauty and polish our surgical techniques to lead a worldwide plastic surgery trend. 
NANA Plastic Surgery view Every Person as an Individual
We approach every patient with an honest mind and heart 
by always putting them first. 
We treat and communicate with each one like family. 
NANA Plastic Surgery cares About Each Patients Feelings
Not only do we strive to improve the appearance but also 
strive to heal one's mind internally as well so that the heart 
can become beautiful together through beautiful appearance.





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TELEPHONE | 0952826615

  • Aey Surgery ศัลยกรรมเกาหลี
  • Aey Surgery ศัลยกรรมเกาหลี

TELEPHONE | 0952826615